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One of our most important functions in the church expansion movement is to help churches recruit new leaders and foster their development. We provide direct assistance to church planters and leaders through validation of calling, assessment and direction, coaching and strategic planning. We also offer networking, financial support and prayer support for leaders, their churches and their start-up teams.
For churches looking to reproduce or expand, Assist offers more than 20 years of experience. We will work through the entire process with you, from vetting of the project and leader through to final execution including managing buy-in from your existing congregation. Along the way, we will provide coaching, networking and access to outside resources.
The move to a multisite model provides a unique opportunity to expand your church and reach new communities while leveraging your existing resources and infrastructure. Assist can help you to equip and resource your campus leader and core team to begin this new work, while coaching you through the logistical challenges. We will connect you with the knowledge and experience of other churches who have successfully transitioned to a multisite approach.
For churches in decline considering partnerships or adoption, Assist can provide a safe environment and process in which to evaluate options. We can facilitate connections with other churches as well as the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches which may offer opportunities to churches seeking a new way forward.

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Renew Cambridge

The multisite Renew Church continues to grow! Erik and Austen Jensen have joined the team to launch Renew's fourth campus in Fall 2018 in Cambridge, Ontario just west of the Greater Toronto Area.

Grace Fellowship Church

In January of 2017, Scott and Jennifer Avey were sent along with five other families to begin a gospel community in Brunswick, Maryland. Their first night of Bible study had a turnout of 40 people!

Main Street Church

Main Street Church brings a relevant-Bible based and gospel focused church to the thriving community of Chelsea, Michigan. The leadership team is currently in preparation for its public launch in September 2017.


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Currently, when great expansion is happening in our family of churches few people know about it and even fewer are involved. We would like every church to be involved with Assist so that we can all participate in the expansion of our movement, celebrate the new growth and pray for its success. The mutual partnership of all churches gives us the greatest opportunity to expand our movement now and into the future, ultimately seeing many more people come to know and follow Jesus.

Assist Church Expansion

Assist Church Expansion is an organization within the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches (FGBC) that exists to catalyze new church plants, multisites, mergers and adoptions for the growth and glory of God’s kingdom. We leverage our 20+ years of experience and our diverse skills to play a strong supportive role, assisting and equipping leaders to make their churches healthy, sustainable and well-positioned for expansion and reproduction.


Church planting is a big part of reaching the lost and growing our movement, but it is not the only way to do it. While Assist supports conventional church plants, we also foster church expansion through the implementation of multisite models, facilitating mergers and adoptions, and helping independent churches to join our family. Assist provides assessment, strategic planning, coaching, networking, financial and prayer support to help you create a healthy and fertile future for the growth of your church.


Our fundamental role in the church expansion movement is to empower local churches to grow and multiply in a healthy and sustainable way. We are committed to the churches we help and we are invested in their leaders because we believe that a true movement can only happen through the churches themselves. This philosophy has guided us for more than 20 years since forming as GBCanada USA, an agency of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches committed to catalyzing a movement of churches across Canada. In 2017, we expanded our mandate to support churches across all of North America and relaunched as Assist Church Expansion. Our organization is highly experienced with a broad network of resources, but we maintain a simple and lean operational structure in order to ensure the maximum amount of our funding benefits church planting initiatives directly.

Kickstart Assist Church Expansion

We require an additional $100,000 of annual funding as we expand the reach of our efforts to assist churches and leaders across the USA and Canada. The generous support of our financial partners enables Assist to catalyze, coach, resource and realize church plants, multisites and adoptions for making disciples and expanding the movement.


Assist Canada continues the Canadian church planting initiatives started by GBCanada USA in 1998. Born from the determination and conviction of a few humble missionaries who planted our first Canadian church in 1998, the movement north of the border now includes 4 churches represented by 6 individual church campuses.

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