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Our Vision: 6 Big Ideas

Our vision for church expansion and how our organization can help build a movement is built on 6 big ideas:



We believe that churches and leaders expand a movement, not organizations. We can play a supportive role to coach, resource, network and partner, but ultimately it will be the churches and leaders themselves that accomplish God’s mission through His spirit.



By Legacy Churches we mean those that are self-supporting, self-governed, effectively reaching their community, resourcing more than themselves and looking to reproduce. We celebrate all kinds of church and evangelistic engagements and strategies, but our focus will be Legacy Churches.



Church planting is a big part of reaching the lost and growing our movement, but it is not the only way to do it. Multisite models, mergers and adoptions of churches in decline are equally valid and effective. We also believe that there are many independent churches that would love to be part of our movement and we would love for them to join us as well. Our goal is to expand our movement, not primarily to see more churches, but to see more people come to know and follow Jesus.



We want to have effective structures, but we don’t want an unnecessarily bloated organization. Rather than funding an organization, our goal is to invest the maximum amount of money and resources directly into church plants, sites and adoptions to expand our movement. We have created a structure that is lean and scalable so we can manage numerous projects while avoiding exorbitant costs for infrastructure at times when there are fewer projects to work on.



We will work hard to ensure that promoted projects exemplify good stewardship of financial resources and people as we expand. While God is the only one who can guarantee project success, we want to be the very best stewards we can be along the way. It is our desire to ensure leaders are utilized in positions that they are most gifted and prepared for. Many good people and families have been over burdened by working hard at something beyond their abilities. We employ a vetting process for projects and leaders that requires board approval before we undertake projects and promote them.



Currently, when great expansion is happening in our movement few people know about it and even fewer are involved. We would like every church to be involved with Assist so that we can all participate in the expansion of our movement, celebrate the new growth and pray for its success. The mutual partnership of all churches gives us the greatest opportunity to expand our movement now and into the future, ultimately seeing many more people come to know and follow Jesus.