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Our Mission

Assist Church Expansion exists to catalyze new churches, sites, mergers and adoptions that will expand our movement with Legacy Churches*.

*A Legacy Church is a healthy, sustainable church that is self-supporting, self-governed, and effectively reaches its community. These churches are committed to supporting further expansion and resourcing more than themselves through funding, leadership development, networking and partnership with emerging churches and leaders. We celebrate all kinds of church and evangelistic engagements and strategies, but our focus will be Legacy Churches.

Assist Church Expansion is an evolution of GBCanada USA – a church planting initiative of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches (FGBC) dedicated to cultivating a movement of churches across Canada. In 2017, GBCanada USA expanded its mandate to include the USA, and also broadened its scope beyond church planting to address all facets of church growth including adoptions, mergers and multisites. The Canadian division of our ministry continues to pursue church expansion in Canada under the new name Assist Canada.

The organizational structure at Assist is a flexible, scalable system of operation that does not commit the agency to many full time staff positions. We rely on our extensive network of experienced ministry leaders to recruit project coaches who facilitate projects on a contract basis. This approach is simple, cost-efficient, effective and enables individual coaches with specific expertise to focus on projects that maximize their strengths.